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Our Sister Cities

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Our Sister Cities

North Down Bangor, Ireland

The North Down Bangor, Ireland / Virginia Beach, Virginia partnership was chartered on May 6, 2001.
In 1995 a delegation from North Down County, Bangor, Northern Ireland attended their first Sister Cities International Conference. Returning in 1996, to promote a Sister City relationship with North Down Co., Bangor, they explored Virginia Beach because of the similar port area, military affiliation and ocean front tourist attraction. In 1997, they met with Mayor Meyera E. Oberndorf and became more interested in twinning with Virginia Beach.

Miyazaki City, Japan

The Miyazaki City, Japan / Virginia Beach, Virginia partnership was chartered on May 25, 1992.
In 1985, Dr. Hiroyuki Hamada, Professor at Old Dominion University, organized a “Friendship” exchange visit to Miyazaki City, a port city of approximately the same population as the City of Virginia Beach, located on the southeastern coast of Japan as is Virginia Beach in the United States. The Mayor of Miyazaki City, Dr. Nagotomo, hosted the student exchange and affirmed there should be a continuing “goodwill” relation between Virginia Beach and Miyazaki City.

Moss, Norway

The Moss, Norway / Virginia Beach, Virginia partnership was chartered on May 11, 1974.
Virginia Beach and Moss, Norway have a very unique history dating back to March 27, 1891 when the Norwegian Bark, “Dictator”, bound from Pensacola, Florida, to England, was shipwrecked off the coast of Cape Henry, north of the Seatack Lifesaving Station. The Dictator’s Captain, Jordan Jorgesen, had his wife and son aboard ship. Four crewmen were the first to reach shore in a small boat with little capacity.

Olongapo, The Philippines

The Olongapo, The Philippines / Virginia Beach, Virginia partnership was chartered on July 6, 2015.
A Virginia Trade Delegation visited Olongapo in 2008 leading to a recommendation that Virginia Beach and Olongapo seek a mutually beneficial trade endeavor. In 2013 another trip was organized with State Delegate, Ron Villanueva and Virginia Beach Economic Development Director, Warren Harris, and Travel Outlet President, Roy Estaris leading to discussion of an Olongapo-Virginia Beach Sister City agreement.

Waiblingen, Germany

The Waiblingen, Germany / Virginia Beach, Virginia partnership was chartered on September 28th, 2017.

In 2015, it was proposed by our SCAVB President to the Mayor of Virginia Beach, that the hometown of STIHL, a German manufacturer and one of the largest industries in the area, become a sister city. Our SCAVB board was unanimous in authorizing this invitation, especially because there had already been many student exchanges and municipal visits sponsored by STIHL over many years.

Our Friendship City

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua / Virginia Beach, Virginia “Friendship City” partnership was approved on January 15th, 2013.
In 2013, after several visits with the Nicaraguan Ambassador in Washington DC, Whitt Sessoms, a member of the SCAVB Board of Directors, requested the Sister Cities Association of Virginia Beach consider a “sister cities relationship” with a Nicaraguan City. Whitt Sessoms discussed this with local Nicaraguan leaders and with the help of influential figures in Virginia Beach were able to pinpoint San Juan del Sur as being the perfect location.


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